The Validator Alliance is managed as a DAO mostly on Discord. Anyone is welcome to join, validators can apply to become DAOists there.

We decided to formulate our basic goals and commitments in the form of a manifesto - a document that should resonate with every DAOist and which should feel natural to every validator who is here not (only) for a business but also for the sake of the success of the entire Dotsama ecosystem.


We believe in a decentralized, community-led society and want the DotSama ecosystem to unite.


We believe that validators shouldn’t be passionate about the profit only but also about help and support of the projects they validate and collate on - and not only that, they should be passionate about the success of the new crypto economy itself.


Validation is a service to the network and it is always connected with the support of our communities and nominators/delegators.


We all know the value of protocol governance and validators should be the ones encouraging it the most.


We play this game for the long term so we act accordingly. Short-term profit should never outweigh the long-term benefits.


No single individual/entity should represent more than 5% of a given network. Parachain sets are rather small and we strive for the biggest decentralization possible!


Our DAO will always be transparent and open to anyone with the same values