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DOT Validator Alliance

We are a group of community leaders who decided to dedicate their professional lives to the Polkadot and its diverse ecosystem.

Founded by Polkadotters, Promo Team, Repe, Pathrock Network, Stakenode, Bld nodes, Crifferent and Iceberg Nodes.


Please use this to nominate signers of Manifesto.

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Kusama is a scalable multi-chain network for radical innovation and early stage Polkadot deployments. Expect Chaos. No promises.

Our KSM validators:

  • REPE - FaBN1AxtJu21x2cUqvdF5VcVUAfzfqyvJPvwgsdwo3pkdr9

  • Polkadotters - FVAFUJhJy9tj1X4PaEXX3tDzjaBEVsVunABAdsDMD4ZYmWA

  • PromoTeam Validator - Dm4uKxZJZHJbpZpfnYPiHnbgyHWKMU1s5h6X7kqjfYv1Xkk

  • Stakenode_Powernode - CuiwESD49ggEAQ9131Gt948xw11PiWQNXkuR2R2Jt7rYSck

  • bLd Nodes - Hf8C626KBAjitMV7w8AhQWDCiPgUU47htEwbomq5mDMKeyL

  • STAKENODE POWERNODE - CuiwESD49ggEAQ9131Gt948xw11PiWQNXkuR2R2Jt7rYSck

  • Iceberg Nodes - Eices1KaGTYqiazfjJpwyjnz5UzqTxULeYqnmeJNz49gs19

  • Crifferent - Hf8C626KBAjitMV7w8AhQWDCiPgUU47htEwbomq5mDMKeyL

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Polkadot is a heterogeneous multi-chain interchange and translation architecture which enables customised side-chains to connect with public blockchains.

  • Polkadotters - 16A4n4UQqgxw5ndeehPjUAobDNmuX2bBoPXVKj4xTe16ktRN
  • REPE - 15AvEyVsAjcmWFnTNmzvF1gkvd1x1P6uFp3u8wLa6wxX3294
  • Stakenode - 15awHgV1np9jxyWC7pnMWAEgg8z2toLuCcJfWjtmA1cWHWQr
  • PromoTeam Validator - 12BkPLskXyXrHhktrinLxVFkPzzvCzCyVCaqHkUEoxMwSzeq
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Stafi (short for Staking Finance) is a DeFi protocol that aims to unlock liquidity of staked assets.

  • PromoTeam 31dAkYPQWqLooi8STtH4u91ybv3DBtyT4Tdn8VZbkGYtPFfQ

  • pathrocknetwork 32yfaVgxp2bArkKotgiVrdqhbP17Lwc6KkmtgSZRazjuwpae

  • oceanblock-ov 35pwfNAzJKnnSxjbdoN8DdNPvXE2ChXiHL4Z4N5oDFdhMPoU

  • STAKENODE - 353SjE5jZNE3HsQxJr42QAazGzQ4KThwwR6U8sfzYjQpuSiv

  • STAKENODE_POWERNODE - 31tyuA9tSMdUasMS7zPycu8vnYkEmpNHdC37ELuhKtxkMXTK



HydraDX is a cross-chain liquidity protocol built on Substrate. It is a base layer for financial use cases, currently - immediate exchanging assets.

  • REPE «VALIDATOR ALLIANCE» - 7K296SU5tGTCkpYntSonyohsvvCZr2wmaKzCf9Ed6rAv6ij1
  • STAKENODE /01 - 7J4gcZRQSRkKMKsHZfN6JQXXGVrhQu3QHZBb3anqmVn94cT5
  • STAKENODE - 7LiWT1bdaZy4JhQSzNdcL1WV4DfAU3cbY9KXcHtqtFhm8fNa
  • PROMOTEAM VALIDATOR - 7NaMA63jMwq73dZXQtShsU67GhfaPJDhrWjkj2oFxn13rg9j
  • Bld Nodes - 7KuRtPEceNWDryN2yPTiQ7ADYD7FTBF72TkSiAAk4DvGobN6
  • pathrocknetwork - 7KpbZwX3eFC8TSRwV1igsfBDDWSVRu7gvNxgotEBeDxb7rP2

Darwinia Network

Darwinia Network is a decentralized cross-chain bridge network building on Substrate, which is the “Golden Gate Bridge” of the cross-chain ecology.

  • Polkadotters (Darwinia) 2q2y8DBhaTmgC2Au9tSXSshCkDXhmj9rPW945yxqBf52rGRK
  • Polkadotters (Darwinia Crab) 5DvoL2BNoSm7wRt2tfZ6WW5QFrxm68GLv5SCrPQ4JBLjbvpL

Dock is a new professional social media network. But it’s built with blockchain technology. The team behind the project wants to bypass data monopolies like LinkedIn, Upwork, Glassdoor and others who control the recruiting industry. And give back the power to users and companies.

  • Polkadotters - 3EBcABMK7dGapFnkn1xcxUkuLA6szTfw9GMaYiY335SyySLo
  • pathrocknetwork - 3Fx3GPCR6F3Wc8EyoJY7fxEJv2ch1bHXCy8AKUCEKfQRbifD


Shiden Network is a multi-chain decentralized application layer on Kusama Network.

  • Polkadotters - Z7c8uESo3BPPChURHLCwSQ2ZpX4ftpKTHYdrVL7RE47JLus
  • Stakenode - bUVmJR3gu1hi9qa41pzFWWfFP4QVUYPyntNKjhort4BPovK
  • Pathrock - W8bwUPJssNzhq7yqgj2qX2As9Bx5K9Laa9zJHsrAPhkCYon
  • PromoTeam -ZaoZJFKZ3GE6Vjy74fBwTRqndq8ro43qyu3Yw7DYvzdJSq9
  • PromoTeam - av6AYeM556wzE6ct1RKyCfTnZNXCfhWuxc93PVo7BWmXsMW
  • Iceberg Nodes - WywoJ3jqnpCeFchBV3dJpjHWhDiD2C5UaDm2Nk4FaV2aNLi
  • Bld Nodes - VxKQJYPqPQhuF4haU4M2BGYy434f2KWo2Ak4Z2PjUhtrChH


Centrifuge bridges assets like invoices, real estate, and royalties to DeFi.

  • Crifferent - 4e7Zq4GiS71uKaNeqhfHKwxEQ9MBCQSPQv9knapyh9JhsY54
  • Polkadotters - 4eX49f1wi4HvE2ErVnbweNeCbrxBNaLTJSihvgGSmjVE2W9e
  • PromoTeam - 4gpwkGywqrMjWPSmJ2477yYN4A1V9h73xXUEaQ6sGRdMGriH
  • PromoTeam - 4cM1vhuDJUtohuzQ9bZV4zs1eEEcDUxbzP6yhkTSPJfB4goZ
  • Pathrock - 4gYKLcvGPG2hiAT5Hizmb2ar2JgDNKgJfFE9HaunnUV628rN

About Us

We aim to unite the biggest and most prominent Polkadot communities in order to support their healthy growth and the decentralization of the network.

Hi, I am Petr and I started the Polkadotters community with my colleague Pavel. We are from Czechia, a small country in the heart of Europe. We are really pleased to be a part of this initiative because we believe that the community should be the one with power over the network!

Eric Widget's photoPolkadotters

At PromoTeam we believe that validation is a philosophical contribution. Acting as your voice in the network and means of collaborating with the community. We believe that the validation role goes beyond just producing blocks and have constant uptime.

Parsley Montana's photoPromoTeam

As a developer, I often like to look "under the hood". Polkadot is said to be a bet against blockchain maximalism, that’s why we united independent community-led initiatives around the world under one Alliance, so let’s jump on this exciting journey together!

Jonquil Von Haggerston's photoRepe

Hey, I’m Patrick from Germany and I’m representing pathrocknetwork and MillenniumClub or MCLB. We are running several validators for different projects and protocols and I am so happy to be able to join the alliance of like-minded validators where we share similar goals and values.

lorem-ipsumPathrocknetwork - Millenniumclub

I’m bLd from France. Little last one, I started my journey with a few geek friends a few months ago, we created bLd Nodes for our first validator node on Kusama. With our experience in sysadmin and blockchain development, we aim to provide a secure and reliable service for our validator nodes.

lorem-ipsumbLd Nodes

Stakenode is a getaway to the Polkadot economy. We deliver all possible options for Proof-of-Stake tokens in the Polkadot ecosystem. We provide Validator Services to all POS Polkadot projects bringing you the possibility to stake Your tokens like $DOT $KSM $FIS $PCX with other network coming.


Sik is a true Web3 native. Working for a blockchain company full-time, core member of HydraDX, councilor/registrar/moderator/ambassador in many DotSama projects and also running safe and reliable self-hosted validators and collators at


Hey, I'm Luca Poggi from Italy. I spent and also I'm spending a lot of time in studying Polkadot/Kusama ecosystem and helping other people: I'm admin of Polkadot Network Italia, Kusama Network Italia and almost all Parachains Italian groups on Telegram.

lorem-ipsumIceberg Nodes

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