We are a group of community leaders who decided to dedicate their professional lives to the Polkadot and its diverse ecosystem.  Each of us created his own community, published the content, started validating on the network, and promoted Polkadot and its projects as much as he could. But most importantly, we started doing this because of the passion we share for the wonderful cryptocurrency technology - and the most promising project that is out there, the Polkadot! Aside from publishing articles on Medium, tweeting about the newest events in the ecosystem, and supporting our community in understanding various aspects of Polkadot, we also validate on the network. We understand validation not only as a way to earn some profits (although that’s a nice bonus), we take it as a service to the network. What we care about the most is a healthy and organic growth of the ecosystem and we believe that only validators with deep roots in the community can provide that.

Unfortunately, validating has become a business for many. There are big companies with enormous funding specialized in running their nodes - they usually run them on many networks and their only goal is increasing the profits. They do not care about the network, they do not care about the community and they definitely do not care about small players, believing in the better, decentralized world. Our opinion is that this is not how Satoshi Nakamoto imagined a trustless society, full of independent individuals and communities not only running the network but also supporting its users.

And this is why we decided to join our forces, earn the trust of the community and become one of the strongest supporters of the Polkadot Ecosystem. So let us present you our manifesto, the set of principles we will always honor!

  1. We believe in a decentralized, community-led society and we want Polkadot to become one
  2. We don’t agree with the current state where networks are led by the whales, centralized companies and run only for the sake of profit
  3. We are open to new members and participants sharing our views
  4. We never validate on the network because of business
  5. Validation is a service and its always connected with the support of our communities and nominators
  6. None of us will have more than two validator nodes in any network because we respect the decentralization
  7. Our fees will never be higher than 10%
  8. We are here for the long term, not just to quickly make profits out of the emerging ecosystem
  9. And lastly, we believe in the community-first approach, we are nothing without the people who put their trust in us and we will always honor that!